Little violinists in training!

Contact Nistha at nistha@nistharaj.com for lesson inquiries.  

Intro to Hindustani Classical Violin lessons will cover the technique, fundamentals, and basics of Hindustani violin including raag (the melodic component) and taal (the rhythmic component).

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Client Testimonials

Nistha Raj has been an outstanding instructor to our children. My nine year old son was taking lessons with another instructor before Nistha and even though he had started with the desire to learn violin, lost interest quickly. Then Nistha was recommended to us by another parent and he is now not only enjoying learning and playing violin, but has had a few recitals as well. All that within a year and a half. Our six year old started with Nistha from the beginning and he is able to play and enjoy his lessons within a year of instruction. She is a wonderful teacher and a lovely person who connects with her students.”

— Angeliki Economipoulos

Nistha is an outstanding piano teacher and mentor. She is highly experienced, has a vast amount of personal talent and music knowledge. Equally important is her capacity to coach, instruct, and inspire her young students through her own love of music. Her teaching style is the perfect balance between warm and pleasant, yet very professional with an emphasis on progress, and motivation for the kids to do their utmost best with every piece. We are extremely pleased with how well our two children play the piano and understand music theory. Nistha has imparted a joy of learning, music appreciation and a determination to progress in piano training. We would highly recommend Nistha to any student fortunate enough to work with her. ”

— Lydia Ndebele

My daughter really enjoyed her lessons with Nistha. She provided excellent, honest feedback, improving her level of play faster than previous instructors. My daughter also found her patient and remarked on how clearly she explained everything related to playing the violin. We would highly recommend her! ”

— Allison Reynolds