On her debut CD, Exit 1, violinist Nistha Raj has created an attractive sonic mashup.  Mightily influenced by traditional Hindustani rhythmic cycles, the recording also features bewitching breakbeats, a Serbian folk song, Tibetan music, ragas and artful violin playing. ”

John Stevenson, ejazzNews

The prowess and passion of Exit 1's two closing tunes, the solo violin meditations "Gravity (Raga Charukeshi Alap)" and "Alibi (Raga Charukeshi Jor/Jhala)," seem to boil over directly from Raj's mind and heart. ”

Chris M. Slawecki, All About Jazz

Those old bin dividers are useless in the face of what Nistha Raj has done on her album Exit 1. Which, by the way, is something you should listen to just to confound your parents. Raj and her friends aren’t some kind of musical gimmick; they’re really talented musicians who have made something gloriously fresh-sounding. ”

Scott Stevens, Soundroots World Music & Global Culture